LEG needs support on campus:

  • Departments who can include us in their budget would be welcome. Our mirror’s content grows at around 50GiB / month, and so we need to add disks or remove content regularly.
  • If you (or anyone you know) uses Linux/*BSD/*nix at UCT, please add yourself to this wiki page, and keep it up to date. We judge distro usage based on our own biases, so if you need a specific older version, or distro that the LEG admins don’t like, we need to know about it.
  • Spread the word: students and staff need to know that we exist and are there to help.
  • Please join the LEG mailing lists: leg-announce, leg-chat, follow our forums, and come to any events we organise.

Thank you to our current sponsors: Department of Chemical Engineering, Virtual Infrastructure Architects, Department of Computer Science, CERECAM.