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tried installing ubuntu 7.04 on my uct computer, and everything was ok until it searched a mirror, whereby i thought it has hung and restarted. now windows is always crashing cos of a defective boot sector which i fix by using the repair facility. this happens everytime i start windows but linux works fine. all my colleagues use windows and some of our software is windows based and i need windows. is there a way of fixing this mess? someone told me that i have to format the harddrive, but how as the bootdisk i created doesn’t recognize the harddrive (NTFS). i desperately need help here! i can’t live without gcc,valgrind,etc.


A defective boot sector can be fixed by using fixboot from a Windows CD’s Recovery Console. If your windows is more broken than that, then you may have to re-install it.

Is the Ubuntu working?

If you want faster help, maybe join CLUG-Tech


Ubuntu is working like a charm! Whenever I use fixboot is works temporarily, for that session but all of a sudden it shuts down because of some update and then i have to use fixboot again, its so annoying! I don’t need windoze, but then i have to have it to be compatible with colleagues. i need valgrind, etc, etc!

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