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Hi, I am trying to find SUSE V10 I saw in ftp site but as you know adsl is limited with cap in South AFrica. So is there any other way that I can get SUSE or other latest version to make tries at home.

I am in table view but I can come to anywhere around town to fetch dvds.

Please asist me about finding Linuxs


We have a freedom toaster at UCT.

Why don’t you bring a couple of CDs / DVDs, and burn yourself a copy.

Thanks a lot

I will find spots, will look forward to join group meetings or kind of activities, if you have.

with my regards. keremsah


LEG itself doesn’t have any activities at the moment. However, we are a part of CLUG. CLUG has meetings fortnightly, as well as other activities, and quite a few of us get together for supper every week.

Using Ubuntu

I am interested in using Ubuntu, but I would like clarity on the following (I am quite computer illiterate):

How interchangeable will my documents be (i use mostly word and excel) with the version of office used at UCT at the moment? I am worried that when I go to print my thesis it will be looked in some unreadable format.

If i decide i don’t want to use Ubuntu (after installing it as my operating system) will i be able to reinstall windows.

Will I be greatly disadvantaged if I am not connected to the web? For example I would like to use endnote for my thesis, but my laptop is not connected to the internet, will I still be able to use it if i have Ubuntu?

Re: Using Ubuntu

How interchangeable will your documents be? For the most part, OpenOffice (the office suite most Ubuntu users use) is pretty compatible with Microsoft Office. However, the more complex your document, the more likely there are to be differences. (The same applies between different versions of Microsoft Office, and you’ve probably come across such issues before.) The solutions are simple. If you want perfect compatibility, don’t convert your document to MS Word format, rather export a PDF (the file equivalent of a printed document), and that’ll print & view perfectly from any computer. Or install OpenOffice on the computer you want to print from (it’s free, runs on all major operating systems, and can be downloaded from leg).

You don’t even have to Install Ubuntu to try it, you can run it off a CD/DVD without over-writing anything. Although it’ll be a lot faster if you install it.

If you do install it, you don’t have to wipe out Windows, either. It installs with dual-boot by default. (Which means splitting your hard drive between Ubuntu and Windows, and choosing which one you want to use when you turn it on.) Yes, you can obviously wipe out Ubuntu and re-install Windows afterwards, as well. Although if you aren’t very computer literate, it’ll probably be better to get someone else to do that - Windows isn’t very easy to install.

Linux distributions, in general, are far more powerful if they have, at least occasional, Internet access. You can install any program (from the thousands available in Ubuntu’s repositories) easily, if you are connected to the Internet. But of course, it’s perfectly usable without Internet access.

Give it a try. If you have any issues, you are welcome to come and pop by me, or most other Linux users, for some assistance. Good luck.

More Questions about Ubuntu

Thanks so much for your response.

I have a few more concerns. Firstly will the drives for big brands like Sony and olympus be ‘usable’ with Ubuntu (i.e. so that I can still install music and dowload my photographs). Secondly are there programs available on Ubuntu that will allow me to watch movies?

Lastly I wanted to know how I know which version of Ubuntu is the best to install on my lap top and if it would be possible for a novice like me to install it with a dual-boot function?


re: More Questions about Ubuntu

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but yes if you plug a camera in, there’s a pretty good chance a photo management program will pop up and ask you if you want to download the photographs. The best way to find out if your camera will work, is to test.

You can certainly watch movies. Unfortunately, due to patent issues in the United States, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops before everything will play, but it should guide you through the process, and be relatively simple.

The best version is probably the Desktop i386 version. Yes, it should be straight forward to install dual-boot - that’s what it’ll do by default, unless you tell it otherwise. Just don’t ask it to wipe out your entire drive, and you should be OK.


when will lunux beryl be available on the freedom toaster @uct

re: Beryl

I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Beryl got merged into compiz-fusion, which is in all the current major linux distributions.

SUSE 10.2 needed urgently

Hi all.
I am in need of the SUSE 10.2 64 bit required to run some commercial software for my work. it is no longer on the site. Can any one (Linux Administrator) please get me a copy for installation, DVD preferably.
Odo Ayodele
Computational Physics Lab
Department of Physics
Phone: +27763741892

SuSE 10.2

We simply mirror what’s on upstreams, and don’t tend to keep old distributions hanging around (we don’t have the disk space for that. If your department wants more from us, hardware would be appreciated)

You can ask ICTS, they love SuSE and probably have piles of it lying around. Otherwise, I can download 10.2 from UP for you, temporarily.

Need Distro with Linux kernel 2.4.20


I need to use a linux 2.4.20 kernel in order to run an application I’m using for my research. I’m currently using Ubuntu 8.04 on my machine (kernel version 2.6.24). I did try to compile my own 2.4.20 kernel, but only ended up messing up my OS and having to reinstall ubuntu 8.04.

Does anyone have a copy of a linux distro with a 2.4.20 kernel? I’ve searched online in vain, can’t find any. Would be really grateful for your help!



Hello guys! I’ve been using LINUX here in our company 724Care. My problem is that I haven’t adopted quite well on the said OS. I have trouble Installing some new Applications such us MS OFFICE. Is their an easier way installing on LINUX?

Ubuntu - Linux

I am using XP. Between XP, Rapport and Kasperski my machine has a mind of it’s own.
This issue goes back to before Moses was born. I now want to install either Ubuntu or Linux and hopefully forget about the long stories that I have to endure torture from Microsoft, Kasperski, my ISP and the guy I find to look at my PC. I just want it to work.
I have 300 gig HD and 1 Meg RAM.
Before I commence:
1. Is Ubuntu / Linux resonably “Plug and play”?
2. Must I partition my HD?
3. I have installed OpenOffice 3.1 which seems to be user friendly and also has more features than Word. This is not my default system
4. Item 3 above, opens all my documents so I assume all is OK.
5. I have a copy of Ubuntu 9.10.
6. I think that my list of questions is too long.
7. Can I phone someone to guide me.
Thank in anticipation.

downloadable application

Most common reason why the PC could not read or locate the DVD is because of defective lenses. It happen to me when I install some drivers in a inbound call center company with more than 100 computers. It took me 30 minutes to discover that the problem is the DVD and not the installer.


2.4.20 is out of date. The latest 2.4 series kernel is if you really want to use 2.4, use that.

Debian still supports 2.4 kernels, so you can try it on Debian. Yes you’ll have compile the kernel yourself.

But seriously, what do you need such an old kernel for?

Need Distro with Linux kernel 2.4.20

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I need it for a header compression implementation that I need to test that requires a 2.4.20 kernel. It’s been quite a hassle trying to compile my own kernel so far though! Will try the 2.4.37, I really hope it does the job.
Would I have to install Debian? Been trying to compile on my Ubuntu machine - I don’t know if that was one of the reasons why things went awry during my earlier attempts…

re: Need Distro with Linux kernel 2.4.20

Compiling should be the easy part. But getting Ubuntu to boot up to X on 2.4 is probably not possible.

It should at least be able to boot and get you to a virtual terminal, though.

Yes, you’d have to install Debian if you were to use it.

Why don’t you test this in a virtual machine? Makes all the rebooting a lot less painful

linux 2.4.20

Knoppix 3.2 of May 2003 included: Linux 2.4.20

The added benefit is that it’s a live CD

Now all you have to look for is knoppix 3.2 :>)

Must be around somewhere.



my ISP and the guy I find to look at my PC

I’m afraid there’s no getting away from your ISP, and finding people to look after Linux PCs is harder not easier (but they will generally be more careful).

  1. Is Ubuntu / Linux resonably “Plug and play”?

Yes. Very much so. But when you run into issues, they’ll be harder to solve because you are less familiar with the philosophy.

  1. Must I partition my HD?

Only if you want to keep windows. The installer will give you an option during install.

  1. I have installed OpenOffice 3.1 which seems to be user friendly and also has more features than Word. This is not my default system

Good, glad you are happy with it. You should be quite at home on a Linux desktop then.

  1. I have a copy of Ubuntu 9.10.

You probably want the latest version, 10.04. It’s a long-term-support release, so you can expect security updates for the next 5 years unlike normal releases which are only supported for 18 months. You can get it from the Internet, the UCT freedom toaster or another Ubuntu user.

  1. Can I phone someone to guide me.

Sure, you can phone me. I can give advice, and provide some initial help, but I don’t have time to support every new user in Cape Town forever. The community support options are the best for the long run.

"Haven't adapted"

Yes, it takes a little more adaptation than many people expect. For instance the software installation mindset is completely different.

Do you really need to install MS Office that badly? MS Office is made for Windows, not Linux. It can be installed on Linux through Wine, but that’s a mesy hack at best. Don’t use that as a yardstick to measure linux.

for Stefanor SUSE 10.2

Thanks Stefanor for the reply. I shall be very grateful if you can get it for me as the ICTS is not able to help me with it. Thanks
Odo Ayodele

SuSE 10.2

Here you go i386, x84_64.

Grab them now, we’ll probably delete them again in a month or so.

Thanks for SUSE 10.2

Thanks very much Stefanor for the DVD’s I appreciate it. Many thanks

SUSE 10.2 x84_64 problem with Installation

Hi Stefanor.
I have downloaded the DVD USE 10.2 x84_64, burnt the image but had problem installing from the DVDs. The problem is that when installing it gets to the part of hardware discovery and gives a warning that no installation disk found. I have burnt the DVD’s on 3 separate disk but the problem persisted. Can you please help me out on these. I will appreciate it.
Odo Ayodele

I don't know SuSE

Sorry, I don’t know SuSE at all, but that sounds like it doesn’t have a driver for the DVD drive. You can try turning on IDE emulation in the BIOS, or you can use a newer version of SuSE.

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