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Hie all

I’m running fiesty on a computer on campus and in res, i can’t seem to get the proxy to work with my apt-get update for repositories outside of leg. any ideas guys?

Other repositories

What other repositories are you wanting. If it’s anything that other people are using, we should mirror it for you.

As to using the proxy. You can get apt-get to use a proxy, by setting the http_proxy environment variable before you call it (or putting the right value in it’s config file (google apt-get proxy). Synaptic has a menu option for proxies, etc.

If you have to use the campusnet proxy then you’ll need something like this


its the compiz fusion repositories,

about the proxy, i have to use for both machines, and it works fine if i set the http_proxy variable, but i wanted a permanent solution. It seems synaptic doesn’t like or can’t handle the cache.pac file (i could be wrong) so i got round it by using an IP address to one of the cache’s but now i get a “connection refused” error. I’ll give the NTLM thing a try and see how far that takes me.

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If setting http_proxy works, then you can make the same change in synaptic’s menus ( port 8080), or in /etc/apt/conf.d

You only need the NTLM proxy, if using the proxy directly gives trouble.

It works smoothly on one of

It works smoothly on one of my sites. Thanks for this easy solution now I can setup this again with all the information you shared for my Online College Courses website that is running the way it should be.

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