LEG ubuntu repo key


apt complains all the time because I don’t have the public key that LEG ubuntu (gutsy) packages are signed with. anyone know where i can get the key?

thanks eduard

Not us

LEG doesn’t create packages and thus doesn’t sign them.

What distro are you using, and which repository is giving this error. It’s likely an upstream key that you don’t have.


Thanks, sorted

Thanks. Strangely reinstalling the ubuntu signing keys package didn’t solve the problem, and I had to import the key from the keyserver and add it to the keyring with apt-key. But anyway, it’s sorted now. Sorry about the false allegation ;)

Leg Key

Hi, I upgraded from gusty to hardy and found the key problem too.

Open Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys) Click “Find Remote Keys” Search for uct.leg Import one of the Keys

Just in case someone gets stuck. It did it for me.

Medibuntu is the issue

I actually in the end discovered that the medibuntu repo also mirrored on LEG was the issue. They have a separate signing key not installed by default. For details see here:



The Repository key errors aren’t very helpful. I’ve added a note to the ubuntu mirror page.

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