Anyone else experiencing problem with the ubuntu gutsy repo?

Getting lot’s of packages not found errors today:

4_8.4.15-1build1_i386.deb 404 Not Found Failed to fetch 404 Not Found Failed to fetch 404 Not Found


Anyone else been having this problem

I’ve got this problem as

I’ve got this problem as well. Additionally, in order to have the access to Ubuntu ISO’s I need to use my login & password for Internet.

That shouldn't happen

You shouln’t need to use a proxy to access If you do, then your web-browser is misconfigured (or ICTS have screwed up).

Are you sure?

gustu rep

I have also had problems as I was upgrading from Feisty to Gusty. Partially because of files not found and partially because my pc couldn’t get the verification keys needed from the internet. I have somehow managed to get gusty mostly installed despite the problems except for 11 packages which won’t install for some reason.

My main question is: Can synaptic / apt-get connect out to the main ubuntu site? The new ISA system won’t let it through the proxy server unless it has an authenticated user … My system looks for some sort of check sum on the Ubuntu site. Is there anyway around this?


gusty rep

Following up on my last comment: Persistence worked with the final packages, I was playing with some proxy settings and it worked eventually tho probably not to do with the proxy settings. I see the place to put in your user name and password for proxy servers now (under synaptic package manager / preferences / network / authentication ) but am not sure if the proxy is actually letting my data through. seems the most hopeful proxy.

Good question

I haven’t thought about this before, but yes, update-manager’s upgrade process requires files from

I’ll need to test this, and speak to ICTS about it.

If you upgrade by using aptitude / apt-get on the command line, it should work fine, without requiring anything from off-campus

Package not found errors

That happens when we don’t manage to do a full Ubuntu sync properly (maybe Internet trouble / our upstream mirror is not in good condition).

All I can really suggest is dropping an e-mail to legadmin and trying again the next day.

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