ADSL Service Provider with Uncapped Linux Mirror Access

Hey Guys

I find the majority of my Internet traffic at home is from syncing and grabbing packages off gentoo mirrors. Does anybody know of any ISPs that give uncapped DSL access to fresh Linux (specifically, Gentoo) mirrors that they host locally?



Not quite

Such users would probably be rather bad clients for as ISP to have. They’d use lots of bandwidth, and generate way more level-2/3 support calls than other users :-)

Seriously, how about getting yourself a Local-Only account. I use a IS 30G local-only account together with my normal SAIX account. I do some fancy split routing, but you don’t need to go that far.

As to local mirrors, is fast, LEG is decent after hours, and nobody else mirrors gentoo as far as I know.

IS Gentoo mirror

With a local only IS account, the fastest mirror would most likely be:

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