Zorin OS 3

Has anyone tried the linux distro called Zorin? I have used version 2.0 and its good, very good, but lately its gotten even better with its current release - version 3.0. One could go on further to state, that its even gone a step further than Ubuntu 10.04 and its superfast.

So what makes it different? Zorin has a Look Changer program that lets one switch easily between multiple user interfaces for example from (Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Linux’s GNOME). UCT Leg admin should serious have a look at this distro for newbies, it beats Linux Mint by far - it would make a great addition to the mirror. So please could we have it made available? If this is the future of distro’s Zorin could become a linux leader and it’ll surely climb the distrowatch page ranking list in no time.

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