cannot install Mandriva or Ubuntu on Intel pc

please help,I am new to Linux but I am interested in either Ubuntu or Mandriva as a new user,I ran Mandriva in a virtual box and really liked it.
My problem is I cannot get it to install on my pc,I have an Intel i5 with 4gigs ram,ati 5850 and 3 harddrives,I want to install the Mandriva on my 250gig Seagate drive.I tried the following isos,Mandriva Linux free 2010 spring dual,i586,spring x86_x64.
The only one that completely installed was Mandriva Linux free 2010 spring dual,but after installation it rebooted but there was nothing,the other two just gives some weird errors which I cannot remember.
I am running Windows 7 on the same machine,could this be the cause,I am trying to install Linux on a clean separate drive,any info gladly appreciated.

The errors would help

Actually having the errors would be an enormous help, because without them, I have no idea what the problem was.

You mention that you are interested in Mandriva or Ubuntu. Have you tried Ubuntu?

cannot install Mandriva or Ubuntu on Intel pc

Hi Stefanor,

yes,I have tried Ubuntu 10.4 but my adsl was not working with it,it was working in Windows so I doubt it was a line problem,will try the install again tonight and give the error messages on Monday,thank you.


Your ADSL wasn’t working with it? That sounds easily resolvable.

Does that mean you need to dial a PPPoE connection from your PC? Why not configure your router to dial the PPPoE connection for you, then all you’ll have to do is plug into the network / connect to wifi and you’ll be online.

Alternatively, you should be able to get network manager to open a PPPoE connection:

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