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Hi there,

I am a UCT student, software developer and entrepreneur. Myself and a friend run a web-application software developer company. I hope this is an ok channel to post this kind of information / opportunity. Im in two minds if this is spam or not. Either way, its not meant in that spirit! So please flame away if I have broken the rules! :)

I thought that it would be a good idea to see if any UCT students are interested in the following kind of opportunity before we start looking in other more traditional channels.

Basically, we are looking to hire someone who has some time every week to help us keep on top of our company and project admin and earn some cash doing it. This is essentially a company assistant role which is largely non-technical - but we are particularly looking for a someone with a technical background who will “understand what it is that we do” (i.e. build, design and implement software). The role would be to help us track upcoming, active and complete projects, help keep track of company communications such as helping us keep in touch with key customers, following up on outstanding project artifacts (documentation, information etc) and generally helping us juggle a few projects at a time. So the ideal person will be good at time management and good at keeping on top of a few active things at a time. This would be perfect for a 2nd year , 3rd year or honors student who is looking to build up some work experience while completing their degree, and also wants to be able to say that they have worked in a software dev company after they graduate and start looking for full-time employment. We’d be happy to pay between R2000.00 and R3000.00 / month for the right person - and you could set your hours based on your schedule.

You can check out what we do at and

We are also looking to employ a full-time intermediate software developer - check out what we are looking for at

Feel free to contact me on info {at}


Is this advert still valid?
I would love to work in this sort of an environment as i have previous experience working for a software company.
i m not a great programmer.
But i am a people person with a technical back ground. s

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