VLC From the LEG directory


How does one get vlc to work on ubuntu? Suppose i can’t connect to the net, and i have the vlc in the LEG website which i presume is portable.

Install it through Ubuntu's normal installation system

You shouldn’t need to download anything from the LEG website. Just install vlc through the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Or do this;

Open the terminal (Cntrl + Alt + T), type in this line sudo apt-get install vlc   and you will be asked for Sudo password, this is the pssword you used to loginto your computer. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. but if you dont have access to the internet but have the setup for vlc, check if its extension is .deb and open it with Ubuntu sofware center, if it is a source-code, with scripts in it, reafd he read me file to run a correct scipt on the terminal

hope that helps :)

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