SCSI disk not detected (Ubuntu 7.10)

I am new to Ubuntu and Linux, but have used Unix way back in the 90’s.

Ubuntu is very easy to use, but to my surprise it would not detect a SCSI controller, disk or scanner that I want to use. The controller is Adaptec 1540C and I need this to be able to use an HP Photosmart C5100C scanner that has a SCSI interface.

The Xsane front end for the scanner in Ubuntu does not see the scanner, and the dmesg log confirms the device is not detected. I also tried attaching a disk, which I know works OK, to the SCSI bus, and still Ubuntu does not detect anything.

According to the Xsane project website, both Adaptec 1540C and HP Photosmart scanner do work with Xsane backend.

So what is going on? I have searche the Ubuntu documentation and the formums, and I posted a message on the Hardware forum, but no luck.

Any suggestions to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

Frank Bokhorst


The AHA-1540C is an old ISA card. You’ll probably need to pass it’s module exactly the right parameters (IRQ, IO Address, etc.).

There are some old TLDP SCSI Howtos out there, don’t know how helpful it’ll be.

But to be honest, you aren’t going to find too many LEGgers who even know that ISA once existed, never mind having experience configuring it. You’ll be better off asking for help on CLUG-Tech.

Personally, I’d try and get my hands on a PCI controller. I haven’t had any success getting ISA devices working in Linux machines, the last few times I tried. (It doesn’t help that the mechanisms to set them up has changed since the day of ISA…)

Thanks for pointing this

Thanks for pointing this out! I didn’t think the AT bus would be a problem, but of course even though the SCSI bus is a separate thing, the AHA-1540C plugs into an AT slot…

However, after some searching on the TLDP site you suggested, and some more trial-and-error work I discovered the following about Ubuntu 7.10: A) You need the aha1542 module for both the 1540/1542 controllers B) The aha1542 module is not loaded by default when you boot C) You can load the module any time with the command line ‘modprobe aha1542’ D) The default settings work OK if your controller uses the default address (0x330) - no parameters required D) To load this module at boot time, you can add the line ‘aha1542’ to the file /etc/modules

So far I have tried it with an old SCSI fixed disk (Quantum LPS340 with HPFS file system) and using the information from dmesg and fdisk I was then able to mount this as /dev/sda and view the contents in terminal mode.

Thus I can confirm now that the AHA-1540C SCSI controller will work with Ubuntu Linux, even though it is not a PCI device.

Next thing is to try the HP Photosmart scanner. If that can’t be made to work, I’ll take your advice and find a PCI controller!

SCSI disk not detected (Ubuntu 7.10)

I don’t know why so many purporting to offer solutions to Ubuntu problems suggest purchasing new hardware when, having no idea , it would be more helpful to not venture any opinion at all.
I have been trying an AHA1542 SCSI card with a SCSI disk with Ubuntu 7.10, 8.04 and 10.04 (both were OK with Win 98). None of the Ubuntu versions listed seemed to detect the card and all respond to modprobe aha1542 with “No Device”, even though some fixes (for a kernel `Panic] associated with the card) were being applied by the kernel group as recently as 8.04.
Thus I am intrigued as to how it worked by merely adding the module name (aha1542) to /etc/modules in Ubuntu 7.10 - surely it took more than that?

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