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Hi there,

I’m not quite sure how SUSE’s repos organized but in local repos (OSS, NON-OSS, DEBUG, UPDATE) there are no some packages. For example, kkbswitch, maxima, emacs-el etc. However, I can find them in the OpenSUSE site. So, either there is another repo (or are other repos) including these packages or local repos are not updated or full.

Another problem I’ve met recently is when I updated my system there were error messages about missing “delta” packages. But everything was updated correctly even without them.

Thanks, Alexey

We'll look into it

I’m not at all familiar with OpenSuSE. But we’ll read up on it :-)

It would be great:-)

It would be great:-)

Some more info please

I’m looking into the problem, but I need some more information from you. What version of OpenSUSE are you running? Do you get any error messages, or is it just that certain packages aren’t there? Have you tried again recently, and are they still missing?

Hi, I didn’t mention the


I didn’t mention the version… Sorry, I’ve just assumed everybody uses the latest one, namely 10.3.

As for update, I’ve got error messages about missing “delta” packages but still I can update the system just ignoring these messages. Last time it was on Friday.

As for some other packages, they are just not in the local repositories. For example. maxima and related packages (xmaxima, wxmaxima, etc.) which are in fact open source. I don’t have any error messages about them, YAST basically can’t find them, so they are not in the list of the available software. However, I can find these packages from OpenSUSE web site ( Unfortunately, I didn’t find the information in which repositories these packages are.


The error you are getting with the missing delta.rpms is nothing to worry about. The deltas just provide the difference in the source code, and then the packages are recompiled (as far as I understand), which minimises the amount needed to download if downloading from external repo, as in the opensuse repo in Germany, Even with the error, everything will still work as you mention, but since we’re using a local mirror of the repo, the delta’s aren’t provided. Anyway, to stop the error message, go into the file /etc/zypp/zypp.conf and uncomment the following line right near the bottom

download.use_deltarpm = true

and also change to read false. That should do the trick

As far as those packages, try the packman repo for suse, which is also mirrored on LEG

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