can anyone help. How can i create a windows partition on ubuntu. its crazy . but I need a little windows to manage my tutorials, which are mostly windows based… anyone!!!

You may want to consider

You may want to consider running a Windows installation in qemu or vmware or something. If you’re going the dual-boot route, Windows doesn’t play very nicely during an installation. You can use a partition tool of some kind (Partition Magic, probably gparted, that kind of thing) to shrink your existing Ubuntu installation and create a new partition for Windows. Once you’ve installed into that, you will probably have to fix your bootloader, because Windows assumes it’s the only OS on the machine.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so someone with more recent information may wish to correct me if I’m mistaken. :-)


I think I am gonna go the VMWare route. makes a lot of sense…

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