Ubuntu Hardy shutdown problem

I recently had hardy installed on a new desktop. The only problem I have encountered is shutting down. Using the system>quit>shutdown or power icon clears the desktop (including panels) and stalls with only the desktop image remaining. I’ve checked out some threads and have tried editing /etc/init.d/halt and /etc/modules but no luck. If you have any suggestions please understand I am a new linux user.

Requires some debugging

Are you running anything particularly interesting?

Editing /etc/init.d/halt or /etc/modules shouldn’t be necessary, unless you know what’s causing the problem. I’d return them to their original state.

My approach would be to log in in a terminal while this is happening, and run ps x. That should help you find the culprit.

Shutdown now Restarts

I’ve installed very few packages since installing Hardy. For a while, after running updates, shutdown worked ok, but now shuting down from the GUI or terminal restarts. Maybe some driver problems? I’ll keep working on it!

Hi bots, I also had a

Hi bots,

I also had a ubuntu shut down problem, this solved it


Let me know what you think of this solution.


p.s. - Do you like the Drupal CMS?

PS: Drupal

Yes, Rather. The quality of the code is high, the modules are good, etc.

But of course it’s also rather big so we haven’t customised it too much.

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