problems with the mirror

I have difficulty downloading all the repository indexes under the Update Manager for Ubuntu, 8.10. An example of an error message I’ll get is:
“Failed to fetch… 404 Not Found”

I would like to install a fortran 77 compiler using the Synaptic manager, but I can’t find the available package under Synaptic. A friend of mine who suggested I use the above mirror does not get my “Failed to fetch” errors and thus can find the relevant f77 packages needed.

Help would be appreciated!


You have deb-src lines enabled in your /etc/apt/sources.list file. Remove them. We don’t mirror sources.


Additionaly,to remove the line, simply put # at the begining of it.

Mirror problems

I’ve been using ubuntu 2009.4 (Jaunty), from the begining of this year and everything was fine until later my IP address was changed by the ResNet Administrator due to some connectivity problems I had (slow connexions).

So now when I reloaded the “Packages” in the Synaptic Package Manager, it threw an error saying something like “…Translation.ZA.gz2/Sources…..could not resolve ABCDEF001

So I cannot get(download) any packages from the server.
Additionally: My network/internet does work.

Please, please Help.

fortran compiler

install gfortran for a fortran compiler

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