Stuttering in Compaq 6710b laptop running Ibex


I installed Ibex on a HP/Compaq 6710b laptop. Every 5 or so boots the system will stutter. By stutter I mean that everything including sound, mouse, video freezes for a few seconds. I’m dual booting and this problem does not occur in XP.

I’ve tried the following:

Completely removed CPU scaling
Run the system with cpufreqd cpu scaler installed
Flashed my BIOS to the latest version
Fromatted and fresh install
Installed 64bit and 32bit Ibex

Any suggestions for what is causing the stuttering? A google search as well as Ubuntu Forums turns up nothing.

Thanks in advance.


Hard to say exactly what could be causing that. Does it happen no matter what you are doing on the machine? Or only when playing audio / video?

You are welcome to bring it past me, maybe I can see what’s wrong. I’m normally holed up in Room 300, CS building.

will do

Thanks for your response stefanor. Yup, it happens no matter what I’m doing. Usually have to reboot a couple times to get a non-stuttering boot. I will bring it by your office when next I’m on upper campus.

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