Evolution + GroupWise

Hi, does anyone know how to configure Evolution so I can connect to my GroupWise account? Apparently it should be possible, but I can’t authenticate on the studp1.uct.ac.za server.

I’ll try from within the network tomorrow if I get the chance.



Doesn’t seem to work on the

Doesn’t seem to work on the network either.


I don’t know of anyone who regularly uses Evolution for Groupwise. I’ll try and remember to play around next week.

Cheers Stefanor

I appreciate it.

It’s basically because I really need to be able to access the calendar and task lists of my groupwise account.

I’ll maybe raise it wit ICTS tomorrow, but I suspect they’ll tell me to use IMAP, and then say Evolution is ‘not supported software’.

It’s funny, when you look at the document which descibes why GW was chosen over, say, MS exchange, one of the main reasons given was cross-platform usability.



PS - Evolution is a Novell product, and they say it does work with groupwise. That it doesn’t, I suspect, is to do with UCT’s specific implication of GW, not a problem with Evolution itself. Though I could be wrong. ;o)

no luck

Yeah, sorry no luck

Open a ticket with ICTS.


Will do.

I’ll let you know what they tell me…

Cheers anyway Stefanor.

Evolution and GroupWise

Have you gotten this resolved? If not, you need to check with the person who maintains your GroupWise server at your job. They need to enable the SOAP port (with or without SSL security). Once that’s done, you can then connect to GroupWise. When you create an account you should be given a selection for Novell GroupWise (instead of POP3 or IMAP) as one of your choices.

Check out this Web page from Novell. http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/16352.html

AFAIK the Evolution GroupWise

AFAIK the Evolution GroupWise access is for native GroupWise connections, not Web connections.

Evolution accesses Microsoft Exchange via a web interface, but not GroupWise - you probably need to find out from you IT people if the direct GroupWise port is available externally, if not then you cannot use it. It works smoothly on my case in hosting several sites for accredited online colleges

Groupwise kontact

I’m also trying to synchronize the groupwise calendar with kontact (the KDE PIM), but do not manage. I have Opensuse 11.2 (soon to get 11.4). I have a call open with ICTS about it but I don’t even know what I should ask the IT person. Could anyone give me a hand about it? I have managed to use the groupwise client in my linux machine, but I would really prefer to use Kontact.
I have two specific questions:
1. Does one need to supply the port 1677. I ask because that is the port supposedly one should use but then I saw a thread somewhere else where the guy was saying that 1677 is for windows, that Kontact would rather use 7191 or 8201. Incidentally, in that thread they mention that Kontact uses the SOAP interface (what’s that and does it need to be introduced?).
2. The address is supposedly ngwnameserver.uct.ac.za, but again wherever the issue is taken up in the internet they use addresess with http(s)://… Should this be used?

Sorry for the confusing email. i would really appreciate any help.
All the best,

The ICTS website has the IMAP

The ICTS website has the IMAP setting available to set up the incoming mail server, however i am struggling to configure the outgoing mail server for evolution + groupwise

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