Fedora 11 + LEG source mirrors

Silly question I’m sure, but how do I tell fedora 11 (Gnome) to use the LEG mirrors rather than the general ones? I can’t see where it’s done, it’s not like Ubuntu.

When I do YUM update it just starts scrolling through all of the mirrors giving an error for each one saying it can’t be found (due to the UCT proxy I guess). Likewise the software update app just sits saying “Getting Information”.

I’ve entered the cache.pac address in the system-wide Network Proxy applet, but no avail.



Most Linux software can’t use

Most Linux software can’t use the NTLM authentication required by the UCT proxy, nevermind understand PAC files. See this page for details.

So, you will have to configure YUM manually. See the fedora page.

I did that..

Yeah, I know the problems of this wonderful proxy system.

However, I changed the base url locations in the files specified, but it made little or no difference. Moreover, those are not the only files in that folder.

It seems that whereas with Ubuntu one can specify the mirror location, in fedora it’s not clear if one can or not. On running Yum update, it cycles through each mirror until it hits one that works.

The problem is that it waits for each to time out before it moves to the next. This takes about 2 hours.

However, the following hack works:

export proxy=http://www.uct.ac.za/cache.pac:80
yum update

As well as setting the

As well as setting the baseurl value in your repo files, you have to comment out the “mirrorlist” line(s). (In case you don’t know, you put a # at the front of the line to comment it out.) If that doesn’t work for you, then post the contents of your /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo file here and I’ll take a look.

Ah… I had no idea I had to


I had no idea I had to do that too..

Thanks a lot!


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