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I am just trying get the flashplayer for a 64bit Jaunty installed. The problem is that UCT firewall seems to block http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu which is connected to install the flashplayer installer. Is there any way around that? Thanks for any help.


You are going to have to

You are going to have to download that file manually, say to /tmp.

Then run:

$ DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer

or (if it’s already installed but didn’t download successfully):

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure flashplugin-installer

It should offer you a chance to point to a local, already-downloaded version.

Thanks for the hint. However,

Thanks for the hint. However, do you know where to download the 64bit flashplugin-installer? If you go to the http://www.adobe.com you only get the 32bit flashplugin-installer. Alternatively, I found in the web the suggestion to download a 64bit Beta version of libflashplayer.so which need to be put into ~/.mozilla/plugins, but that did not work either. Thanks.


From /var/lib/dpkg/info/flashplugin-installer.postinst I can see that the URL is http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_10.0.32.18.orig.tar.gz

As a temporary work-around, you could also try this:

http_proxy=http://ftp.leg.uct.ac.za:80/ aptitude install flashplugin-installer

64 bit flash doesn't come as a deb

The version of flash packaged with debian/ubuntu is a 32bit version wrapped in NDISwrapper (I think).

Go to http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html and download the 64 library. You need to remove and other flash/ndiswrapper plugins in all the directories it could be in. Check in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (maybe others?).

Put the libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and restart firefox. Check the about:plugins page to see what version of flash is running.

Hope that helps.

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