Grub loader

I recently installed centos 5.4 and with this I installed the grub with it. I wanted an MBR that I would use with windows, Ubuntu and Centos. On the grub list I picked up my fifth scazi disk which hold my Ubuntu sda5. After complete installation the loader cant recognize the type of Ubuntu. How do I make it right.

No easy solution

I’d install Grub in one distro, let’s say Ubuntu, because I know it’s grub setup will find your CentOS and windows and put menu entries in for them.

Don’t install grub in the centos as well, and then you should be ok.

Alternatively: Pick one distro to manage the main MBR’s grub. And install grub to the root partition of the other distro, then you can get the MBR grub to chainload the other one when you want to boot it.

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