FreeBSD and openSolaris


I’ve been trying to install FreeBSD for my desktop, but keep getting stuck after reboot. I even tried installing it on Virtual Box and could not get it to load gnome or kde desktop, instead after reboot i’m conftranted by a black and white fearsome screen. Installing FreeBSD is not an issue seince now one can use PC-BSD graphical installer, but the issue is the after-reboot-instalation process mainly because of the commands i have to use. I would love to try FreeBSD out, i’ve been using PC-BSD so far but never used its big brother FreeBSD! Any one know how to do the first few steps of configuring the beast?

Also, i noticed LEG doesn’t mirror Solaris, i’d love to know why.

Mirroring openSolaris

Can’t help much with FreeBSD. Never spent any real time with it. But the BSDs in general aren’t as friendly a world if you don’t like the command line.

As to openSolaris, we just haven’t had many requests for it. (And it’s future doesn’t seem very promising right now)

Are you using openSolaris on campus? Do you need a mirror for it?

Mirroring openSolaris

I “was” using openSolaris for over a year, from 2007-2008ish and it was a beauty it worked out of box for my machine. I learned open source culture from it, but since i’ve been in UCT i’ve been using the famous Ubuntu which is perfectly fine. To answer the question though, i’m not using openSolaris on campus, but Ubuntu rather and have managed to configure everything on it by myself! I was just only wondering about it(openSolaris). Thanks for the fast response though, it makes sense to actually go with the majority as there’s not much space for everything.


im also keen to try out openSolaris, maybe it would be possible just to bring in one iso?

OpenIndiana to replace OpenSolaris?

Seems like OpenSolaris is completely dead, but could it be an idea to mirror OpenIndiana, which sort of took over where OpenSolaris left off? No idea, if there would be any interest on campus, but just a thought

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