UCT-specific, Open Source specific howtos go here.

If you want to create one, send a LEG admin an e-mail.


Connecting to uct secure


Could you post a link on how to connect to uct-secure using Ubuntu 9.04?


Are the provided howto’s not

Are the provided howto’s not sufficient? I don’t think much has changed. Follow the jaunty instructions


Please post a how to on setting the uct proxy for the software entre and terminal downloads


Im a nw member and I would like to know if it is possible to download Ubuntu(any version), or Xandra on LEG


Thunderbird poxy setup on UCT network

Can someone provide guidance (for a relatively ignorant Ubuntu user) on how one sets up Thunderbird proxies to communicate with gmail (or any other webmail) accounts (using IMAP) from the UCT network? When I try to use the same proxy configuration as I have in Mozilla Firefox, I get the error message ‘Connection to server gmail timed out’.

Many thanks

No proxy required

Thunderbird doesn’t use http to talk to gmail, so it shouldn’t need to go through a proxy

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