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LEG has mailing lists for communicating amongst ourselves, and discussing problems.

The lists:

  • LEG-Announce: Low volume - announcements only. (moderated) If you are a linux user on campus, please subscribe.
  • LEG-Chat: Low-Medium volume. General discussions, problem solving, LEG administration, etc. If you are interested in LEG, please subscribe.

Also see CLUG’s mailing lists - CLUG-tech is the best place to go for non-UCT-specific Linux problems.


Please abide by CLUG’s Mailing List Rules. LEG-chat is equivalent to CLUG-chat, and LEG-announce to CLUG-announce.



Dear Linux enthusiast

2011 December I got an internship to translate Gnome to Xhosa and the only way to download Gnome is when you use Linux\unix. So people saw my computer in Xhosa language and they got interested. Now they want Linux to be installed in their computers so that they can use them in Xhosa too.

I am in PE and I need help when it comes to installing Linux and make more people aware about this operation system too.

Thank you

Kind Regards,
Andiswa Mvanyashe
Xhosa language Practitioner

Not really the right place

Commenting here isn’t going to do much to help you. This is a page describing LEG’s mailing lists, not something that people read very often.

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