LEG Maintains a number of FTP mirrors, primarily for access at UCT. We have a gigabit connection to the UCT network, and so should provide very fast mirrors to students and staff anywhere in UCT. UCT also has a fast wireless connection to UWC, who should get good service, too.

Our mirrors are available by:

Our policy is to mirror any Linux/*BSD/*nix distributions and FLOSS software that is used at UCT. This both saves UCT bandwidth, and provides fast access, promoting the use of free / open source software.

The mirrors are updated every night at 8pm (and well into the night). We use rsync for efficient and reliable mirroring. The important mirrors (such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Scientific, OpenSuSE) are updated 4 times a day.

Our mirror is split into three areas:

Other services:

  • OpenPGP Keyserver: keyserver.leg.uct.ac.za
  • NTP Servers: dreamcoat.che.uct.ac.za, emperor.che.uct.ac.za
  • Shell Server: clam.leg.uct.ac.za (available to Society members)

Other relevant mirrors:

  • mirror.ac.za - TENET’s mirror. Where possible we mirror from them, but they have much more disk space than we do, and so carry more mirrors. If you are off campus, use this mirror in preference to LEG.
  • ftp.icts.uct.ac.za - [ICTS][]’s FTP site.
  • ftp.uwc.ac.za - UWC’s mirror. (UCT-UWC is fast)