Debian Mirror


Debian GNU/Linux is a 1st class citizen on our mirror. It’s actively used by the LEG admins, and the mirror should always be in tip-top condition. We mirror i386, amd64, and sources.

We mirror the Debian website at:


Available in /pub/linux/debian-isos. They are jigdo‘ed by the LEG admins, and should be available within a couple of days of release.


Your /etc/apt/sources.list file should look like this:

deb stable main
deb stable/updates main

Obviously if you use testing, unstable, or a release name instead of stable you should modify it accordingly. And if you want to enable contrib and/or non-free, append it to the end of each line.


You can enable additional updates (for packages which are updated outside the normal point release cycle):

Squeeze and newer:

deb stable-updates main

Before Squeeze:

deb stable/volatile main


You can enable newer versions of packages rebuilt for older releases (usually not supported as well as the release versions):

Wheezy and newer:

deb stable-backports main

Backports are now part of the main archive.

Before Wheezy:

deb squeeze-backports main

Backports were previously provided by

For more information, read the APT howto.

Extra Packages (acrobat, etc.):

deb stable main
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