LEG Needs Hard Drives

LEG’s mirrors are constantly growing and needing more disk space. In 2005, CLUG bought a new server with 900G disk space for us. We filled this in a matter of months, and have been fighting a losing disk space battle ever since.

FTP Diskspace graph

This means that we have to constantly remove distros (because all distros get bigger all the time, I estimate by at least 10G / month in total), and we add new distros (at around 20G / month, when we are active).

When the disks are full, then things don’t mirror properly, and our service deteriorates.

Chemical Engineering has very kindly given us a 900G NAS box for our exclusive use (unless they decide they need it for something). This could last us out the year, but I can guarantee we will have filled it by then. We have been using it for a couple of months, are already down to 300G free.

We need more disks!

Our server is full, so we’d have to either buy a NAS box, or a third server. A cheap server would probably be cheaper than the R5000 (ex-disks) Intel NAS boxes. Now the question is, can you (or your department) donate us a 400G hard disk (SATA) or some components towards a server. To co-ordinate this, please contact LEG Admins, or post on the LEG Chat forum. Don’t buy anything yet, but can you see if you can find a space for it on your budget, before it all gets spent? :-)

Thank you. LEG needs support from it’s users to survive.

Thanks again to Chem Eng for donating the NAS.

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