ftp.leg IP Address change

Since the re-opening of ftp.leg.uct.ac.za to the wider world, it has become more popular as a mirror for people outside UCT. This has been a problem, because UCT doesn’t have much bandwidth, and dreamcoat (the server behind this site and ftp.leg) has been traffic-shaped into oblivion by ICTS.

To help ICTS distinguish between requests for ftp.leg and our other services (www.za.debian.org, www.za.netbsd.org, this site, lists.clug.org.za, etc.), we’ve moved ftp.leg to a different IP address.

Hopefully this shouldn’t affect anyone adversely, and only make things faster all-round :-) But if you used to access our rsync or ftp service by a name other than ftp.leg.uct.ac.za, things will break for you.

I think the cause of this increased mirror activity can be narrowed down to:

  • UCT staff/students at home (ftp.leg is quite fast after 7pm)
  • Other South Africans in hunt of a decent mirror
  • Stupid people who don’t notice that they are getting 2kbps
  • People downloading rare distributions, that aren’t well mirrored
  • People in Asia (South Africa has reasonably good connectivity via SAFE, compared to europe), and we might be faster for them than European mirrors.
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