Mirror trim

The current release cycle is almost over, and we are out of disk space. We have a new server on the way with twice the disk capacity, but we still are going to have to keep a relatively tight ship.

We have removed the /pub/linux/distributions/ symlink. If you are getting errors, remove “/distributions” from your download URL. For the last 3 years, it has pointed back at /pub/linux/.

The following distros have been dropped:

  • Clusterknoppix (no releases in 4 years)
  • Morphix (no releases in 5 years)

The following releases have been dropped:

  • Centos: 4.*
  • Mandriva-plf: 8—2006
  • Packman: SuSE 10.0—10.2, Fedora 6—7
  • Rocks Clusters: The “rocks-src” directory
  • Slackware sources

If we lost something that you need, drop legadmin an e-mail.

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