We have a copy of Linux4one on the mirror if anyone is interested.

Linux4one is a remix of Ubuntu Netbook Remix for Acer AspireOne netbooks. These can be bought from Incredible Connection for R2000, but ship with Linpus Linux Lite, which many users don’t like.

Update: That URL pointed at Linux Mint, fixed.


Linux4one versus Ubuntu UNR 9.04

I tried Linux4one on my Acer Aspire One, but was unable to get the wireless lan to work.
I eventually gave up and installed Ubuntu UNR 9.04 - the wlan worked fine. I should warn though, that UNR 9.04 has a serious bug in the “desktop-switcher”. URN users should install the replacement ‘desktop-switcher’ in the “Jaunty-proposed” respository BEFORE attempting to switch from netbook to classic desktop mode (otherwise it will mess up the installation).

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