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IP Address change

The LEG servers are having their IP Addresses renumbered, as part of a cleanup of the Chemical Engineering network. Hopefully you won’t notice this, but if you do notice any problems, please contact the LEG admins.

One issue we can’t deal with: Passive FTP won’t work for the next couple of days.

Site Updated to Drupal 6

We’ve ugraded this site to Drupal 6, so please report any new bugs you find.

New features:

  • You can receive e-mail updates when things happen on the site. Look under “My Account”.
  • Photographs should be displayed in the forums.
  • URL changes should never result in 404s.
  • We have fancy syntax-highlighting for code (see filter tips).
  • Better anti-spam.
  • Your favourite input-format will be remembered.
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