TED talks not being downloaded regularly

Was just wondering why only one or 2 TED talks are now being downloaded a week. About 2 weeks ago and before they were updated daily.

A comment about ted talks

I think this lack of downloading is due to the difficulty users have in choosing which files to watch. Most people can not deduce the subject matter of the talks based only on the name of the speaker, therefore if you added a one word topic (engineering, astronomy, etc) in front of the name of the person on each file, a student would be much more likely to download those talks based on the subject that he or she is interested in. Atm, we have only the nae of the speakers in the file name to judge whether or not we would be interested in a TEDtalk. A simple subject word in front of the name would organize the talks by topic, and help us better understand the content and which ones align with our personal interests. Thus spurring downloads.

Hey can you update the tad

Hey can you update the tad talks that you have on your ftp site? I would love to watch some of the newer ones.

TED talks - White-listed

Hi, I’ve heard that the TED website has been white-listed - so will not use up your UCT internet quota
You can test this out and confirm.

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