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As leg has a CTAN mirror, I was hoping to be able to update my MikTeX 2.9 packages here. But when I run the MikTeX update manager, leg doesn’t come up as an option in the list of remote package repositories. (I’m sure it did a couple of years ago, but something seems to have changed since then.) Is there any chance that this can be fixed?

Sounds like you need to talk

Sounds like you need to talk to MikTeX

Re Miktex repository problems

This repository was up-and-running as recently as a few months ago. As per the OP, it is now not coming-up on the list of repositories and one suspects this is because of a problem on the UCT hosting side. That being the case it is not clear to me that ‘talking to MikTeX’ about it is the solution. Leaving aside speed, this is actually a major constraint because the firewall appears to block access to the other repositories.

Is anyone inclined to check what’s going on, or should we just give-up on the UCT repository and request a firewall exemption?

The experts here are the MikTeX developers

Really you want to talk to them, they are more likely to be able to help you than we are. If you can tell us about anything that’s wrong with our setup, we’ll be happy to fix it, but I can’t see how I can help you diagnose the problem. I don’t own any machines that run Windows, and I don’t think any of the other LEG admins do, either.

According to the mirror list here: http://miktex.org/pkg/repositories the LEG mirror is listed as being “Intact” and “Online”, which presumably means that their automated mirror-monitoring systems are happy with us.

Also, the documentation for the package manager seems to say that you can provide a mirror URL yourself, you don’t need the mirror to be listed: http://docs.miktex.org/2.8/manual/mpm.html

Really, I’m only too happy to help, but I need more information than “it doesn’t show up”.

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