Java issue

Hi everyone,

I can’t get my Java to work behind the proxy. I have open-jdk-7-jre 2.1.1 installed as well as iced-tea-7. I am running Ubutnu 12.04 and it is up to date. I use Firefox 12.0 and I have configured my proxy so that it works with just about everything else. I haven’t had any issues for the last 2 years with the proxy for updates, apt-get or any other commonly performed tasks. I now need to do some work that requires me to login to a site that runs a java applett and this is where my issue starts. Firefox is configured to allow java scripts to be executed.

Once I login in to the site the Java applet can’t initialise. When I try test my java settings at I get a proxy authentication pop-up that NEVER GOES AWAY…by that I mean even if I fill it in with the correct info it won’t accept it and just keeps asking for authentication information. The only way to get rid of it is to cancel it about 10 times, this pop up also happens after I login to the site I need and it tries to initialise the java applet.

How can I configure my jre to use my system wide proxy settings or just to accept the information that is I input into the authentication pop up?
I have edited /etc/java-7-openjdk/ file to test whether changing to =true would help but that it didn’t.

Any help would be welcomed as this is an urgent issue for me.


Java can’t authenticate against NTLM proxies. Use cntlm:

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