Argh! Or, I upgraded to Ubuntu Maverick and now can't upgrade to the next version - please help!

Hi Everyone
Sorry for being so doff. So I was running 10.04 and upgraded to Maverick (I think it is called) successfully, and then wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu - 11.04. I was doing the upgrade through the upgrade manager, and it recognises that there is another upgrade available, but when I hit the upgrade button (I know you’re all cringing now) it tells me it couldn’t download the release notes, and I need to check my internet connection. Argh!

Additional info for you:
Through firefox I can access the internet, and not just local uct pages
My dropbox appears to think it is working but I’ll only tell when I get home
In the command line, when I type in ping it just hangs and then times out
Previously I had managed to follow the how to and set up my proxies, I think they’re all messed up now thanks to the upgrade, but am far too stupid to figure out what the problem is.

Any thoughts and advice much much appreciated, and I am willing to buy someone’s time with chocolates wine or flowers or whatever is required!

If you can access sites

If you can access sites through Firefox but not the commandline, it does sound like your proxy is messed up. Here are a few things you can try to debug *how* it’s messed up (assuming you just have a cntlm proxy):

1) cat /etc/cntlm.conf

The file should exist, for a start. Inside it should look something like this:

Username your student number
Domain WF
PassLM long hex number
PassNT long hex number
PassNTLMv2 long hex number
Auth NTLMv2
Listen whatever port you picked

If this is messed up, follow the instructions to set up cntlm again.

2) pgrep cntlm

If you don’t see a number, cntlm is not running. Start it with sudo /etc/init.d/cntlm start.

If it is running, you can try restarting it on general principles: sudo /etc/init.d/cntlm restart

3) echo $http_proxy

You should see localhost and whatever port your cntlm proxy is listening on. If you don’t see anything, add export http_proxy=whatever to your .bashrc. (And ftp_proxy and https_proxy, just in case; I don’t know how much those are actually used.)

4) sudo visudo

Look for a line that says:

Defaults env_keep = “http_proxy ftp_proxy https_proxy no_proxy”


Defaults env_reset

If it’s not there, your proxy environment settings will not be applied when you sudo. That is probably not your problem, since you can’t reach websites in your normal terminal, but it’s a good idea to add this anyway.

5) sudo vim /etc/apt/apt.conf

Apt has its own special proxy settings. This file should look something like this (but with your own port number):

Acquire::http::proxy “http://localhost:3128/”;
Acquire::ftp::proxy “http://localhost:3128/”;
Acquire::https::proxy “https://localhost:3128/”;

That is probably also not your problem.

If you want some live help, you can chat to me on IRC. I suggest #clug or #leg on Atrum, which you can reach through a web interface: — I’m online during the day on most weekdays.

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