HI how can I turn my usb into a bootable disk so that I can reinstall Ubuntu12.04 who crashed

What do you mean, “crashed”?

What do you mean, “crashed”? What happens when you try to boot?

Here are instructions for creating a bootable USB disk (with Ubuntu on it):

Linux installation support


I am a new Post doc at UCT (and new to CT) and have a new laptop that is OS free, it is also does not have a CD drive. I wanted to install Linux using a bootable USB but have not had any luck (after booting from the USB, I selected launch Linux, and the screen went black- I tried Linux Mint 12 and Ubuntu 12 KDE). Apparently UCT IT help does not provide any support for students (but staff only) requesting the installation of OSs. If someone could suggest a work around, or recommend a super geek and budget friendly company that could help I would be very grateful.


Hi Genevieve, I suggest you

Hi Genevieve,

I suggest you try asking for help in one of the undergrad or postgrad CS labs.

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