Proxy/NTLM issues with Chromium on 14.04

Afternoon all,

Apologies if my questions were addressed at the meeting in early June, but post upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (Tahr) I have been having minimal luck at navigating the UCT NTLM barriers. As far as I can see, everything in my cntlm.conf is configured as it was before (on Narwhal!), and I have been through your guide from top to bottom to try and address the issue. I am by no means a linux expert but my browser settings, network settings and .bashrc all seem to be properly set-up. ICTS ensure me that no changes to the proxy have been made, but a number of us down in Oceanography (heavy linux & OSx Macports users) are having issues.

wget tests for authenticate through the proxy properly, but, for example wget for returns the following:

502 Proxy Error (Forefront TMG denied the specified url).

Happy to provide more info if it helps. Any hints? Any awareness about changes that have been made to NTLM recently? No luck with Firefox either. I had a go at setting up tinyproxy, following the instructions, but I am not sure if I configured it properly.



Natty to Trusty is a big

Natty to Trusty is a big jump. The cntlm version has definitely changed. I can’t think of anything off-hand that would stop working, though. Can you post your cntlm config (with your password hashes redacted)? I may be able to spot something.

* Have you recently changed your UCT password?
* Have you tried changing the domain when you generate the configuration (WF to or vice versa)? I honestly have no idea why this makes a difference but I remember it fixing someone’s broken config once.
* Have you set up the environment variables in your sudoers file?
* Does that wget test fail when you’re the normal user, or only when you use sudo?

Disclaimer: I haven’t upgraded to Trusty yet (I’m using Saucy), so if something is horribly broken on Trusty I don’t know about it yet. The cntlm version hasn’t changed between Saucy and Trusty, though, so this is unlikely.

Guys, thanks for your help on

Guys, thanks for your help on this. The situation seems to have been resolved and was related to my account at ICTS. For some reason, they dropped me off their system when I moved to post-doc, but a lot of stuff still works…

Anyway. Thanks for the replies.


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