What would you like to see LEG doing?

Hi, there.

A while back, the new LEG interim committee collected signatures from those interested in the LEG society. The committee is currently under an infrastructure review process (to catalogue what’s currently being provided and what’s lacking in the “devops-driven” cloud-based world).

Any suggestions for topics should we be focusing on? Any technologies/distros you’d like to see mirrored locally?

I’m putting together a mediawiki-based wiki (think wikipedia) in order to capture as much knowledge in a easy to follow means (especially for things like local development), but suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At the moment, the intent is to put together a roll-your-own-infrastructure/cloud guide, which may be useful for the newly announced GitHub Student Developer Pack.

In the next two weeks or so, we’ll also be doing a re-inaugural “how to troubleshoot networks”-talk, in which we’ll try to clarify how to know when your ISP is doing bad things. More details on this will be published as soon as everything’s booked! :)

Warm Regards,

PyPI mirror?

Hi Strauss,
I just created a forum topic on this before seeing your post.

The topic: http://www.leg.uct.ac.za/node/256

Basically, is there any chance that we could have a local mirror of PyPI? The linux-running science students would probably appreciate it a lot, considering the PyPI CDN doesn’t seem to have any nodes inside SA.

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