Mirror reorganisation

We have 800GiB of NAS provided by ChemEng, and while it was initially mounted as /pub/stuff it soon filled up with symlinked directories, so over the last few days, we have now reorganised it properly. Some recent (and up until now, unannounced) mirrors have moved around.

RIP Mirrors:

  • Bitdefender Linux Live CDs. They haven’t been updated in ages, so they have been dumped.
  • Old versions have been pruned (if you need an old version that is now missing, TELL US).

New Mirrors:

Note that the LEG admins don’t use RPM based distros, so we put blind faith into our RPM-based mirroring, and they might not work. Tell us about it.


URL for Chemeng

URL for Chemeng should have been http://www.chemeng.uct.ac.za

Fixed, thank you.

Fixed, thank you.

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