The Linux Enthusiasts Group (LEG) is a Society at the University of Cape Town, affiliated with the Cape Linux Users Group. This site focuses exclusively on the use of Linux, and other free software at UCT. LEG isn't currently a user group in it's own right. If you want help with linux, you should join the CLUG Mailing lists.

Ubuntu Global Jam, August 29th.

In anticipation of Maverick Meerkat, we will have a Global Jam at the Shuttleworth Lab on Sunday 29 Aug, 14:00 - 18:00.

More LEG outage

This isn’t our week. We’re having memory issues. Hope to have a solution by the end of the day.

Continued LEG Outage - over

We’ve had a RAID failure on our mirror. We’re working to get it up again as soon as possible, but in the meantime the whole LEG mirror is down for maintenance.

We have a temporary Ubuntu mirror here:

Some Ubuntu ISOs: CDs DVDs

Update: The mirror is back to normal (on temporary storage). We’ll migrate back to the main array when we are confident that it’s stable.

LEG Downtime this weekend

During the weekend of 1-2 May all LEG servers will be powered down, due to electrical work in the Chemical Engineering Building.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ubuntu Lucid Release Party

As usual, LEG is taking part in the Cape Town Ubuntu Lucid Release party.

This time, instead of being held at UCT it’s happening in Stellenbosch. We considered getting a Jammie shuttle from UCT, but given the high cost we will instead do car pooling.

Date: Saturday 1 May 2010
Time: 10am in P6 until around 5pm.

Please indicate attendance here.

There’ll be a braai and some talks, as well as a chance to socialise with Ubuntu users and UCT Algorithm Circle members.

Society Signup

UCT LEG is a Student Society. We currently charge R40 pa for membership and allow students and staff to join as ordinary members.

To sign up, visit our stand at Plaza Week at the beginning of the year, or contact the admins who’ll get you a signup form.

New Disk array, thank you

Thank you very much to our sponsors for buying us a new 5.5TiB (formatted capacity) storage array. We now have a fair amount of free space and can resume responding to mirror requests.

The sponsors of this array were:


LEG has a MacPorts mirror for OSX users. To configure it, install macports (you’ll need XCode installed) and then follow the following configuration instructions: Edit /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf and change the following lines to:

rsync_dir           pub/packages/macports/release/base/

Then edit /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf, comment out the existing source and add the follow

LEG is officially a UCT Society

LEG is now officially a UCT Society. (It’s actually been the case for around a year, but somehow we never found out about it)

So, we will have a stand at O-Week and raise some members. Membership will be R40pa (we decided that’s a fair amount to charge and can be adjusted next year according to our needs this year).

As to what membership will mean, we need some help on that.

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