The Linux Enthusiasts Group (LEG) is a Society at the University of Cape Town, affiliated with the Cape Linux Users Group. This site focuses exclusively on the use of Linux, and other free software at UCT. LEG isn't currently a user group in it's own right. If you want help with linux, you should join the CLUG Mailing lists.

We need your signatures: Would you join LEG if it formed into a society?

98% (58 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 59

Mirror reorganisation

We have 800GiB of NAS provided by ChemEng, and while it was initially mounted as /pub/stuff it soon filled up with symlinked directories, so over the last few days, we have now reorganised it properly. Some recent (and up until now, unannounced) mirrors have moved around.

URL Deprecation

Access to LEG mirrors through is now deprecated. Please use instead.

We have a HTTP permanent redirect in place, but not all user agents support it (i.e. APT)

As always, you can access us through http or ftp or rsync, as you please.

Disk Full, Bandwidth saturated.

Disk is full. We’re working on it… We’ve also had some heavy international use, which has flatlined our connection for a few days. Sorry about the bad service.

It turns out that Elpicx’s main mirror went down, so they pointed to us :-) RBLs’s Level 1 Postfix policy RBL is available (mirrored hourly), mainly for LEG internal use, but anyone at UCT is welcome to it.

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