The Linux Enthusiasts Group (LEG) is a Society at the University of Cape Town, affiliated with the Cape Linux Users Group. This site focuses exclusively on the use of Linux, and other free software at UCT. LEG isn't currently a user group in it's own right. If you want help with linux, you should join the CLUG Mailing lists.

Video: BBS: The Documentary

If anyone is interested, we have a copy of the Creative Commons Licensed documentary BBS: The Documentary. It can be found here.

Gutsy mirror fixed

All fixed again.

Enjoy gutsy.

Ubuntu mirror broken

I’m sorry, but in the confusion of Ubuntu mirroring, somehow our Ubuntu package mirror broke.

We are working flat out to re-mirror it.

Ubuntu Gutsy has landed

Ubuntu Gutsy is on the toaster. The DVDs aren’t out yet, but the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu CDs are out and on the toaster.

The Official DVDs will be out in a day or two. At the moment, the release server is virtually unreachable…

As usual, we have unofficial package DVDs available.

Scientific Linux pruned to 5x series

We are no longer mirroring Scientific Linux series 3x and 4x.

What can I do

Things that LEG needs:

  • Use us. And report when there are problems.
  • Money / Disks. We need to find more disks. We say this everywhere, but honestly, we need help persuading departments that they should support us…
  • Mirror status software: We’d love someone to write a (preferably python / PHP) system that displays the status of each mirror (i.e. currently mirroring, last mirrored date, error detected in last mirror) on a web page.
  • Member. Join our mailing lists.
  • Organise things. We need society events.
  • Anything else you think we need :-)


We’ve added PC-BSD. It can be found in /pub/bsds or on the toaster.

Scientific linux?

Can we remove older editions of SL? i.e. 3.x and 4.x?

Disk Space comes calling

Distros are releasing left right and center, and we are having to cull, to save disk space.

The victims are (so far):

  • Debian-amd64 (only contained sarge)
  • Debian-archive (pre sarge)
  • Debian-non-us (pre etch)
  • Kanotix
  • Gnoppix
  • The Open CD
  • SuSE 9.3
    • SuSE 10.0 install
    • SuSE 10.1 install
  • DAG RPM Repository
  • Slackware DVD

Audio and Video

We mirror quite a bit of Open Source audio and video.

The mirrors are found in /pub/stuff/audio and /pub/stuff/video.

Additionally, we are the primary mirror for CLUG and CTPUG talk videos.

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