The Linux Enthusiasts Group (LEG) is a Society at the University of Cape Town, affiliated with the Cape Linux Users Group. This site focuses exclusively on the use of Linux, and other free software at UCT. LEG isn't currently a user group in it's own right. If you want help with linux, you should join the CLUG Mailing lists.

Cleaned up some URLs

I’ve been cleaning up some of the automatically generated URLs on this site, as they were getting messy.

So if you suddenly get 404s for links you use, please let me know :-)

Arch Linux mirror added

We now have a mirror of Arch Linux. We mirror the current (0.8), extra, and community repositories. We also have ISO images for download.

Fedora 7 is here

Ubuntu Unofficial DVDs

At request, I’ve created a feisty set of Ubuntu Unofficial Package DVDs.

They are on the toaster, too. As a version of Ubuntu.

Sidux Release

Sidux, the Debian-based distro, has released a 2007-02 release.

The ISOs can be found here.

Scientific Linux 5.0

Scientific Linux 5.0 has been released and is on the mirror. ISO images are available at

Ubuntu Studio ISO

For those people who want to try out Ubuntu Studio, I’ve downloaded the ISO:

We aren’t mirroring it’s packages, but if people at UCT start using it, and there is demand, we can organise a mirror….

Mirrors removed

The following mirrors have been removed, since we received no comment when we proposed it a week ago:

  • impi
  • k12ltsp
  • openlab
  • parallelknoppix
  • firemonger

If you want them back, send us an email. (It would be nice if you donated some hard drives as well.)

Gentoo 2007.0

The Gentoo 2007.0 version of the install media has been released, and is on the mirror.

The CDs are also available on the Freedom Toaster.

Mirrors pending removal

We are tight for disk space, as ever. We would love you to donate some hard drives, but this doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough for our growth.

We’ve taken the following distros off the toaster, and will take them off LEG, too, before the end of next week, unless there is an outcry:

  • impi
  • k12ltsp
  • openlab
  • parallelknoppix
  • firemonger
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