CLAM: LEG's Shell Server

LEG members can request access to the LEG shell server, clam.

About clam

It’s a fairly low-spec PC, but hosted in a air-conditioned server room, with UPS power. It stays up for months at a time. This makes it useful for hosting web sites, code repositories, and running IRC clients in screen.

There are rules governing its use.

Useful services


There’s a cntlm proxy running in NTLM2Basic mode, on port 8080. So you can access the Web by exporting http_proxy= Provide your username and password.

Please be careful not to expose your password as a command line argument, other users can see that. For wget, you can create a .wgetrc like this (remember to chmod it 600, it contains your password):

http_proxy =
proxy-user = USERNAME
proxy-password = PASSWORD

Web hosting

Anything you put in ~/public_html will be visible at

You’ll need to make your ~/public_html(and everything inside it) world readable (755, not a world-writeable 777 please). You can ask an admin to make it only readable by the webserver, if you want.


Email to the address will be delivered to your mail spool. If you want to customise this, use procmail. You can also receive e-mail at List the desired usernames (the ANYTHING bit), or an * in ~/.aliases, and wait 5 minutes for the configuration to be activated.

You can access your mail using a local client (e.g. mutt), IMAP, POP3, or the webmail interface. For IMAP or POP3, connect to, using SSL / TLS. To send e-mail, use with TLS.

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