Shell Server Rules

  1. Rules should be followed in spirit, not to the letter. If you think you are doing something wrong, you are.
  2. Shell access to LEG machines is only available to LEG members. Members may only use their own account, and may not give anyone else permission or credentials to log into their account. The account holder is responsible for any actions performed by his/her account.
  3. Respect the privacy of other users, and the security and stability of the system. Do not attempt to compromise any of these.
  4. Quotas and restrictions are in place to maintain the stability of the system. Respect them.
  5. Don’t send bulk email.
  6. Do not abuse Internet bandwidth. Such abuse could lead to the server being shut down. (You don’t even have access to the Web as UCT puts all Web access through its proxies. If you have a UCT account, you can use the CNTLM running on port 8080.)
  7. All violations of ICTS policy and South African Law are violations of LEG policy.


  1. Nice long-running jobs
  2. Don’t hog memory.
    1. Try and reduce the number of concurrent jobs.
  3. Be polite to other users.

Examples of the implications of the rules

  1. Don’t port-scan, vulnerability-scan, or in any other way harass a machine on the UCT network.
  2. Don’t run a proxy of any sort.
  3. Tunnelling data off-campus through ssh is not permitted.

What to expect from admins

  1. We’ll attempt to back things up, but don’t guarantee anything. The server doesn’t have redundant storage.
  2. Admins will respect your privacy, unless they are investigating a rule infringement, or server performance issues.
  3. Machines go down from time to time. We’ll do our best to return it to service, but service isn’t guaranteed.


  1. Should an admin suspect you of breaking these rules, your account will be suspended immediately.
  2. You may appeal to the LEG Committee, who will review the case, and may repeal the suspension or eject you from the server.
  3. Their decision is final, but a full six months after the infringement you may apply for it to be reviewed again.
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